Bryan Bailes



Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Bryan Bailes. I have over 12 years of experience in the IT industry, 8 of which are in a management capacity. I have worked for some great companies, and have had the pleasure of accomplishing amazing feats while working with some of the best developers on the planet. Coworkers would tell you that I have the unique ability to simplify and communicate efficiently with all facets of the business, while remaining extremely technical and being able to dive into the trenches with the IT teams. This ability has enabled me to excel in IT management, as I am able to lead as well as participate in all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle and customer communication. I work very hard to ensure that both internal and external customers are extremely satisfied and my team remains happy while producing at peak capacity. I have built entire departments from the ground up and enforced compliance, worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to implement groundbreaking technologies, and designed and built out solutions for hundreds of companies. To put it plainly, I get stuff done.

Executive Summary

  • 12+ years experience, 8+ in a management capacity
  • Extremely technical with the unique ability to translate effectively to customers
  • Not afraid to dive into the trenches and get hands dirty in all stages of the SDLC
  • Focused on internal and external customer satisfaction, team morale, and productivity
  • Experienced in building out entire departments and enforcing compliance
  • Worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to design and create groundbreaking technologies
  • Gets stuff done!


Proficient in:
  • JavaScript (ES6, ES5, ReactJS, Knockout, jQuery, Dojo, AJAX, backbone.js, node.js)
  • ASP.Net (C#, Core, WCF, WebAPI)
  • ASP (VBScript/VBS, JScript)
  • Web (HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, XML, SOAP, REST, Material-UI, Bootstrap, Webpack)
  • Database (MSSQL/T-SQL, MySQL, Oracle/PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Netezza, MongoDB)
Familiar with:
  • PHP
  • CGI/Perl

Software & Technologies

  • Code Repositories / Versioning (Git, Subversion, Github)
  • Integrated Development Environments / IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse)
  • Web/HTTP Servers (IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Express)
  • Security / Encryption (OpenVPN, PGP, SFTP, GPG)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, GIMP)
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project, Outlook, Access, Visio)
  • Project Management (Basecamp, Project, SharePoint, Redmine, ChiliProject, Etherpad)
  • Continuous Integration (TravisUI, TestSwarm, Ant, TestRail)

Self Employed

Freelance Consultant
Jan 2014 - Present
  • Maintained relationships with several clients including Cornerstone Global Wealth Management, Thoroughbred Property Management, And Your Home Too, and LPL Financial
  • Planned and designed database architecture and schemas, stored procedures, and optimized queries to efficiently work with billions of records using MSSQL and MySQL
  • Automated data gathering / imports and data normalization using a variety of tools including stored procedures and custom scripts
  • Created easy-to-use data visualization for executives using Tableau
  • Architected and oversaw the setup of network security including VPN, PCI/PII compliance, server setup and maintenance, and antivirus deployment and updates.
  • Rearchitected database, optimized queries, and sprite mapped images resulting in 25% decrease in website load times


Director of Engineering
Aug 2011 - Jan 2014
  • Remotely managed a department of consultants including Engineers, Project Managers, and System Administrators, while overseeing all client projects and managing the relationships with several Fortune 500 companies including Marriott, Pearson, JP Morgan Chase, ESRI, Fannie Mae, Thomson Reuters, and Fidelity.
  • Implemented Code Review and Testing procedures, Coding Standards and Best Practices, Git Repository automation, Quarterly Review guidelines, and Workflow and Agile Methodology processes.
  • Developed standards and templates for creating Development Time Estimates, Statements of Work, and Customer Proposals.
  • Customized and migrated the company to SugarCRM, Redmine, TestRail, and Etherpad.
  • Created efficiencies in the communication between the Engineering team and the Project Management team by implementing ticketing and workflow processes.


Development Manager
Dec 2006 - Aug 2011
  • Managed a team of Developers and Project Managers through the entire Software Development Lifecycle including analysis, design, configuration, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Implemented Change Approval Board processes, Code Review and testing procedures, Coding Standards and Best Practices, Build Automation, and Code Repository automation.
  • Architected data integration between all business systems including CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite, and UPS through web services, file transfers, and direct database integration.
  • Worked closely with all business units to perform analysis of business and IT processes and recommend improvement and automate manual processes.
  • Designed, developed, and managed over 30 applications including call disposition and tracking software, ticketing and workflow systems, customer fulfillment, customer return, and productivity and quality reporting applications.
  • Was 1 of 2 employees ever to receive the "Clearly the Best" recognition award for 2 consecutive years — the highest honor granted annually to the company's top achievers.

Catapult Technologies

Software Engineer
Oct 2006 - Dec 2006
  • Developed web services and cloud-based intranet solutions for internal customers on the federal government's Yucca Mountain Project.
  • Designed and developed web-based applications using Java, JavaScript, AJAX, and SOAP web services in order to increase the efficiency of and centralize information storage and retrieval.
  • Set up and maintained Tomcat Apache servers, Subversion servers, and Ant auto-build scripts.

Nextel Partners

Program Specialist
Oct 2002 - Oct 2006
  • Developed applications, maintained databases, analyzed processes, implemented solutions, and managed projects for internal customers utilizing ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, AJAX, SQL, Oracle, HTML, NICE, AMDOCS, Symposium, and Cisco Email Manager.
  • Designed complex databases, queries, ETL processes, and stored procedures through a variety of interfaces including Oracle, SQL, and MS Access.
  • Implemented strategies to eliminate redundant processes, improve resource utilization, reduce costs, reduce cycle times, and increase customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Analyzed and re-designed multiple processes to increase efficiency including revising the bonus and quality review processes resulting in a 50% reduction in the amount of time required for management to evaluate and calculate individual employee performance.
  • Maintained, managed, enhanced, and troubleshot hundreds of applications and processes simultaneously, including integrating external vendors' processes with the company's systems.
  • Received the Circle of Excellence award given annually to the company's top employees.

University of Phoenix

Henderson, NV
2004 - 2005
  • B.S., Information Technology

ITT Technical Institute

Henderson, NV
2000 - 2002
  • Associates Degree in Information Technology and Computer Networking

Contact Information

You can reach me using the following contact information, or you can use the Contact Form below:

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(702) 591-1321   Las Vegas, NV